Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of some tips and tricks we've learnt by using CCSS in production.

Mapping values and converting number inside shorthands

A common case are shorthands where you still want to be able to use number conversion or resolve map values:

  • border="1px solid #000"
  • transform="translateX(100px)"

Option 1: use long hand properties

<Ui borderWidth={1} borderStyle="solid" borderColor="#000" />

Option 2: the array method

If you're passing an array value, CCSS will loop through each value, try to resolve, and concat.

<Ui border={[1, 'solid', '#000']} transform={['translateX(', 10, ')']} />

This also work while resolving value maps, eg. using custom colors: border={[1, 'solid', 'dark']}

Handling hover cases

It's a really common use case that you need to style an element based on its parent context.

While with the normal ccss function this is easy ccss({ ':hover': {} '}), using the <Ui> component with that prop naming is not possible. We need to use the child prop which is capable to consume any CSS selector.

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