Custom props for sharing styles

Being able to define custom props gives you powerful possibilities.

In this guide we will check how you can share/apply different styles by creating a skeleton style that you can apply to any UI element while your app is in loading state.

Choose method

Usually the approach is to create a Skeleton component, right?! CCSS's unique approach twists this logic: Why just not being able to apply this style on any element?! With such approach you can apply skeleton styles to any real and/or dummy content which will more accurately represent your final design/layout.

Create a custom prop

To register custom props you need to create your own CCSS instance first. For sake of simplicity we will call our prop styl.

We're creating a valueMap for the property styl where the values getting resolved as a CCSS object.

import {
} from '@cryptic-css/styled'
// is="skeleton" will apply the defined CSS
const valueMap = createValueMap({
styl: {
skeleton: {
background: '#aaa',
color: 'transparent'
// Create a custom prop, it is simply a function
const props = createProps({
// CCSS comes with some helper methods:
// pipe: it merges helper function together
// mapValue: searches for value in valueMap
// parseCCSS: simply telling that our resolved value will be a CCSS object
styl: pipe(mapValue, parseCCSS)
const options = createOptions({ props, valueMap })
const { Ui } = createStyledCCSS(options)

Of course, you're free to use your own handler function and handle the prop however you want.

Use it

We're simply creating a button which you can use to toggle a "loading state" on/off to render a skeleton UI.

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import { Ui } from './Ui'
const App = () => {
const [loading, setLoading] = useState(false)
const styl = loading ? 'skeleton' : undefined
return (
<Ui.h1 styl={styl}>Breaking news</Ui.h1>
<Ui.p styl={styl}>This is a dummy content for you!</Ui.p>
<Ui.button onClick={() => setLoading(!loading)}>Toggle</Ui.button>

Try it out

There is CodeSandbox based demo you can play with. It has slightly more styling/content.