Adds support to use predefined gutter values.

Supported properties

  • padding (p, pad)
  • padding-top (pT, pad-top)
  • padding-right (pR, pad-right)
  • padding-bottom (pB, pad-bottom)
  • padding-left (pL, pad-left)
  • margin (m, mar)
  • margin-top (mT, mar-top)
  • margin-right (mR, mar-right)
  • margin-bottom (mB, mar-bottom)
  • margin-left (mL, mar-left)
  • grid-gap (gg, gr-gap)
  • grid-row-gap (grg, gr-row-gap)
  • grid-column-gap (gcg, gr-col-gap)


import ccss from 'ccss'
p: 2, // padding: 10rem;
mL: true, // margin-left: 5rem;
m: [1, 0, 2, 3] // margin: 5rem 0 10rem 15rem;


Sometimes you still want to use the supported props with gutter support. For such cases simply pass your value as string.

Live Editor
padding-top: 50px;
margin-top: 10px;


The plugin introduces the option key gutter. Default value is 5. It defines the size of 1 gutter (uses the defined unit core option).

The plugin included in the ccss package pre-configured. Skip this step if you don't need custom configuration and/or CCSS instance.

import { createCCSS, createOptions } from '@cryptic-css/core'
import applyPluginGutter from '@cryptic-css/plugin-gutter'
const options = createOptions({
gutter: 10 // 10 * gutter = 50rem
const ccss = createCCSS(options)
m: 1 // margin: 10rem;